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  • Absolute Yoga (MMR Ebook+Video)

    $ 17,60

    Absolute Yoga Content: This is a Bundled Course of Absolute Yoga PLR EBooks and Video Course + Extended Yoga Poses Videos.  Beginner Asanas Poses Videos – Mountain Pose, Straight Legged Pose, Chair Pose, All Direction Back Stretch, Upward-Facing Dog Pose, Cat and Cow Pose, Cobra Pose, Child Pose, Corpse Pose Advanced Asanas Poses Videos –…

  • Yoga Secrets Revealed

    $ 4,00

    Yoga Secrets Revealed Contents: Number of page: 58 pages (PDF) Chapter 01 – What is the Science of Yoga? Relief from Stress Yoga and Pain Relief Yoga and Breathing Yoga and Flexibility Yoga and Weight Management Yoga and Circulation Yoga and Cardio Health There’s No Hurry – Take Your Time Chapter 02 – The Ancient…